The Incident of S St Elizabeth Zoo on Friday

The Zoo keeper Trying to put his hand inside of Lion cage

Zoo keeper thoughts, There is Dog and he can play Like dogy dogy

In Nest moment....The Lion cached his finger and the zoo keeper pushing up

More than 15 Zoo Visitors are watching this moment and some of them making mobile clip

I think that zoo employee should not have done this. Because due to this incident, his finger was hurt a lot.

According to an acknowledgment she could not see the incident and left from there.

Friends, this is the incident of St. Elizabeth Zoo which happened on Friday.

Friends, I request you people that if you also go to visit such a zoo, then do not make fun of yourself and others with wild animals.

Friends, make a contribution to the environment as well. And support green energy. Use electric vehicle.. You can read this for the information of electric vehicle.