American Idol 2022 Crown Winner Noah Thompson

Noah Thompson

Let's Know ! Who is he ?

19 Years old Noah Thompson is an American Citizen FromLouisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky.

He Was a construction worker Before participate in American Idol

Before he come to American Idol Stage He recorded “No Road I Can Follow“ in 2018

His friend Arthur Johnson helped him to Virtual audition for American Idol 2022

he has been graduated from Lawrence County High School From Louisa.

his girlfriend Angel Dixon and he has a little child from his girlfriend

He released lots of song but, new song “One Day Tonight“ is most popular song on iTunes country music chart

Finaly He won the Amirican Idol Season 20 on 22 may 2022 and rewarded $ 250000 also gat te recorded contract with Hollywood Studio. He is just 20 Years Old yang Guy.

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