Its very sad news we heard from Texas. A 19 years old Young Guy killed 19 Childs and 2 adults in elementary school in Texas.

There have been killed 19 students and 2 adult person at Robb elementary school in Uvalde, that place is near about 85 Miles of Mexico Border.

The person who involved in this shooting His Name is Romos.

According to police IN charge of this case Said  Romos was killed by police and police trying to actual motive to behind of this incident.

Texas state senator Roland Gutierrez giving statement to CNN, He said the suspect also shot his grandmother at morning and she is critical condition in hospital.

What is the main Moto behind of this incident The Police department trying to find some clue May be...

Senator Gutierrez told to CNN media, The suspect gunman were bought 2 Assault  Type riffles from store in Uvalde County in his 18 Birthday.

On Suspect's Birthday was giving some hint such a things like this, He suggest to kids should look out  "Senator Gutierrez said to media.

The President Joe Biden addressed Address to the people with emotional speech

This is very sad news and the whole world is saddened by this news and along with the parents of the children are with them in this sad time.

Safe Your Child

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