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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )

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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )

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It Did What? 7 Secrets About Lotus Evija [Electric] Car

It Did What? 7 Secrets About Lotus Evija [Electric] Car

Overview : Lotus Evija is the newly developed ultra luxurious EV that is empowered by extraordinary technologies of the future. Its an ultimate fusion of finest technologies that assures the highest levels of safety, performance, convenience and enjoyment.
The automobile market is in the midst of transformation with a shift towards EVs, partially because of the rising fuel prices and the need for clean energy. However, the question still remains if EVs are truly superior to traditional automobiles. Lotus has designed the EVIJA to truly examine this question

AERODYNAMICS Bold Sporty Design and Looks

Lotus Evija is the latest in a long line of very luxurious sports cars that Lotus has produced over the years. With bold sporty design and looks, it is definitely going to attract you to buy it. Lotus Evija is a lot more than just a very luxurious car, it is designed to be more of an emotional statement. It is a statement of the love for the finer things in life. It is a statement of the love for the road ahead. It is a statement of a love for excitement. It is a statement of a love for life..

It is hard to believe that a car can look this good and be this significant at the same time. Lotus Evija is the first car to be completely designed in 3D by a computer. It is a pure delight to look at. In this article, we will look at the design and aesthetics of this car. We will also highlight some of the technological details that make it so special.

No one can argue that the Lotus Evija is not one of the most stunning looking cars ever produced. It’s one of the few cars that can be classified as a supercar, but yet it can still hold its head up high with luxury car makers like Mercedes and Bentley. It’s a car that offers great luxury with its interior and it showcases many of the best design aspects of a Lotus. This is an all-electric car – no petrol is used. It is not just a Lotus, it is also a car that can be described as technically brilliant.

Lotus Evija is the first all-electric British hypercar

Lotus-Evija Car Review

Extra ordinary Features

Price Start From$2,100,000
power output of 2,0000-100km/h in just three seconds
Ultra-lightweight carbon fibre monocoqueweight 1,680kg
Range 215 miles (345 km)WLTP Combined Cycle
Mid-mounted battery packmid-engined sports car layout
Comprehensive personalizationmain and dipped beam laser lighting technology

Lotus has been working hard to pioneer the future of vehicle technology and has unveiled their latest new car. The Lotus Evija was unveiled in London. Powered by the Williams Advanced Engineering master battery, the Evija is a luxury 4-seater electric vehicle. The power and charging capabilities of the car are unprecedented.

Lotus Evija Battery Technology and Its Features

The Evija is the first production vehicle to come with the claims of an electric range of over 300 km with a fast charging time. The car’s range is 215 miles (345 km) on the WLTP Combined Cycle.
The car’s battery pack capacity is 100 kWh which is the highest ever from Jaguar. The car has been specifically designed to improve the charging time to 80% and 100% of its capacity.

The Evija isn’t just a pretty car, it’s also a showcase of Lotus’ technology. The most important piece is the battery, which is based on a technology Lotus is co-developing with the Williams F1 team. Inside the Evija’s chassis, the battery is packed into a carbon fibre casing, which sits in the middle of the car between the two passenger compartments. Lotus uses a battery pack developed by Williams Advanced Engineering, which is built from the same cells that power the Williams F1 cars, and which charge up in just 20 minutes. That’s because the battery is liquid cooled, and the car also has a high-power charger, which allows the battery pack to be fully charged in as little as 20 minutes.

Lotus Evija Specification

Lotus-Evija Car Performance


  • Combined power 1,973 hp
  • Combined torque 1,254 lb·ft
  • Engine Electric (rear, left)
  • Power 493 hp (368 kW)
  • Torque 314 lb·ft (426 N·m)
  • Engine Electric (rear, right)
  • Power 493 hp (368 kW)
  • Torque 314 lb·ft (426 N·m)
  • Engine Electric (front, left)
  • Power 493 hp (368 kW)
  • Torque 314 lb·ft (426 N·m)
  • Engine Electric (front, right)
  • Power 493 hp (368 kW)
  • Torque 314 lb·ft (426 N·m)
  • Transmission Single-speed
  • Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
  • Energy 70.0 kWh
  • Voltage N/A
  • Charging times
  • 120V: N/A
  • 240V: N/A
  • 400V: 0.2 h
  • Cooling N/A
  • Drivetrain structure N/A

Dimension and Weight

  • Length 4,459 mm (176″)
  • Width 2,000 mm (79″)
  • Height 1,122 mm (44″)
  • Wheelbase N/A
  • Weight 1,680 kg (3,704 lb)

2022 Lotus Evija Interior Design Specs

With a carbon-fiber shell and thick microfiber pads, the Evija’s electrically adjustable front seats are a study in comfort and aesthetics. The Lotus Evija is not your typical electric car. Sure, it’s full of the latest technology and the kind of unique, auto-show styling that’s the hallmark of the company founded by the late Colin Chapman, who was famous for saying that aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines. But the Evija goes far beyond the boundaries of a typical electric vehicle. It’s a one-seat, road-legal track car with a carbon-fiber body that Lotus calls the world’s first three-seat four-wheel electric car.

Connectivity and Infotainment features of 2022 Lotus Evija

Lotus-Evija electric car Car

The Evija is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and Lotus has included an onboard modem to facilitate cloud connectivity. The Evija is the world’s first all-electric hypercar and Lotus’ most advanced car to date. The latest Lotus model will offer a host of connectivity features that enable users to upload and share driving data, as well as get in touch with the manufacturer. The Lotus Evija will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as the company’s own cloud-based connectivity features. Lotus owners will be able to upload and share their driving data, as well as be able to get in touch with the company.

Lotus Evija Safety Features

The EVIJA is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The high-voltage battery is centrally located in the vehicle, between the wheels and protected by a carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) safety cell. The real-time monitoring of the battery status and the optimised management of all vehicle functions ensures the highest level of safety.
The new Lotus Evija has a lot of high-tech safety features to protect the driver and passengers, such as adaptive suspension and the most advanced collision detection system that can detect if a pedestrian is in danger. The Evija has a self-closing boot, which is convenient for all users, and a hard disk recorder, which stores the driving history of the vehicle for your own use.

FAQs- Frequently Ask Questions

Question 1. Is the Lotus Evija fully electric?

Answer – Yes, the Lotus Evija is fully electric. It was designed to compete with Tesla and other top-dog electric cars. However, it is quite different from most of the other electric cars. The Lotus Evija is a hybrid: it has two drives. At times, it runs on pure electricity, but it can also run on a hybrid engine. It has a Range 215 miles (345 km) and can go from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 3 seconds. It comes loaded with a fully integrated touchscreen infotainment system and a radar-based active driver-assistance system that helps in automatic parking, adaptive cruise control and road sign information. The Lotus Evija offers a level of safety and luxury that is unrivaled by other electric cars. It is available for pre-order now and Launched in the year 2020

Question 2. How Can i buy Lotus Evija Car In US

Answer – The new Lotus Evija electric car that promises to go from zero to 100km/h in under three seconds and hit a top speed of 400 km/h to 500km/h, has a pre-booking price tag of 3,820,000 GBP (3,820,000 USD). The new Lotus electric is available for order and production by 2020.

Question 3. Are Lotus Evija cars reliable?

The Lotus Evija is a fully electric supercar that is designed and manufactured in the UK. Not only is the exterior of the car phenomenal, it also has an interior that stands out for its innovative design. The car is equipped with a highly secured system, which allows it to be called one of the most innovative cars in the world. The Lotus Evija is equipped with a mind blowing battery that offers a range of 600 kms without the need of recharging.

Question 4. Is a Lotus evija faster than a Bugatti?

No..It’s a little bit different. According to internet media reports, Speed is how fast you go. Acceleration is how fast you go in a given period of time. The Bugatti Veyron has the highest top speed in the world currently. It can go over 267 miles per hour. And the acceleration of the Bugatti Veyron is also record breaking. The Bugatti Veyron can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. On the other hand, Lotus Evija can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 3.0 seconds. The Lotus Evija takes 3.0 seconds to reach that 100 km speed, which is a little slower than the Bugatti Veyron. So from all this, it can be said that the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car in the world.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post on our Lotus Evija Car. The Lotus Evija is one of the most advanced supercars ever made. In addition to being able to go from 0-60mph in less than 2 seconds, the Lotus Evija also has a lot of other features that make it a dream car for anyone who loves speed and thrill. So next time you need a new car, be sure to check out the Lotus Evija.

If you are looking for a discussion forum that allows you to get help from other people, then you should visit our Discussion forum Section. This discussion forum has many different sub-forums that help you get help for all sorts of things. The nice thing about the discussion forums is that you can post a thread and someone will usually answer your question in less than an hour.

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